i am BACK!!!!!!!!! Wow… so much I’ve missed on the net… Shall try to catch up, haha…

Hmmm… Hari Raya is not the same this year I’ll say cos public transport was heavily relied on the FIRST DAY!!! Groanz… Which was not supposed to happen cos we always use my uncle’s van, but Oh well, maybe it was TIME to make use of the public transport the government has set for us. Also because some other things have changed…

These few weeks have been busy, busy, busy!!! Hahaha, and I’m enjoying it truly, man! Something to focus on, and something else to think about.

Changes, changes, changes… Realised that I have changed quite a bit… For the better? Or for the worse? Sigh… I dunno, U JUDGE…

I’ve been a little too quiet lately…

Nothing much to say…

I think too much sometimes… and this is the scary part,

I enjoy doing housework nowadays cos I tend to imagine things when doing them..

Huh? You might ask… Yeah…… it’s weird… I just hope it’s for the better.

Life is sometimes confusing. I will never say life is unfair, cos that’s how it is, and that’s y the heart is on the left side…;p (~lame~) I have been discovering new things since Hari Raya, and the more I discover, the more confusing certain things get. I have been getting to know funny facts, interesting facts, unbelievable facts, very shocking facts, and no doubt, facts that makes me more confused. Shall not think too much about it.

Today has been pretty fun. But no matter how fun it is, there is surely something that ticks you off, right? But nevertheless, my positive thoughts overcame me, and told myself to enjoy the day. Oritey, got to go. Good to know that everyone’s ok, at least still alive and kicking, haha… Whatever that is bothering you and can’t figure out how to go about it, I hope you get ur answer soon…. Otherwise, I’m ALWAYS there…

Okie dokie, can’t wait for tomorrow!!! Going out, with a friend!!! Yay!! Not planning to spend much… Trying to learn how to spend VERY, VERY wisely, cos I just got a tongue-lashing from my mum about my bad spending habits… ;p Oh no… My dad just cut his foot, it’s bleeding, he’s screaming and EVERYBODY ELSE is sleeping!!! Nurse JULIE TO THE RESCUE!!!


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