Happy happy new year, Happy happy new year!

I planned to watch the countdown on the telly last night, but ended up dozing off… Zzzzz… Haha, I slept after my morning prayers and woke up again at around 10.30am, and immediately called Begum. She’s back from INDIA!!! Made in India… lalalalala… Hope she bought something for me… Hehehe I’m terrible, aren’t I? Haha, anybody who goes overseas is expected to buy souvenirs for me… :p

Finally got out of bed and ate my favourite Indian food… MASALA TOSEH!!! Hmmm… yummy… that was a nice start to the new year… After that I watched the 2nd telecast of the countdown. My goodness! I was drooling, looking at the hunks and babes, especially at the hunks… *snorts* It was good to know that Dila enjoyed herself at the countdown in Orchard, she told me she got home at 4am.

It’s been pretty boring at home, but managed to amuse myself by watching something I thought I’d never watch. Siti Nurhaliza concert… Bleurgh… I like her songs and voice, I just don’t like her… Her costumes were so crappy but she still managed to look pretty. Amazing… Ok, a little sarcastic there… *snorts* What really surprised me was that I was able to sit on the couch and eat an uncountable amount of Ferrero Roche while watching the telly… I probably looked like a gone-case heartbroken woman there.

Maybe I’ll go over to White Sands to buy me the $1.80 filet-o-fish later. Kiasu me…

*Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?

Will I keep the rain from falling down into your light?

I promise, I promise I will
…* ~ Stacie Oricco


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