I’m listening to McFly’s ‘Obviously’…. Reminded me of Zarifah when she told me something about a guy…

Cos Obviously

She’s out of my league

I’m wasting my time…

I wanted so badly to return to my Sec Sch yesterday but my day started at 9am and I reached home at 7pm… There you go, ladies and gentlemen ~The Dull Life of Juliana Jumiat~ But come to think about it, who can I go see in my school? Ms Koh has gone to teach at Dunman High, don’t think anybody recognizes me anymore and Bernard never smiles… Gosh, must have been tough on him being the DM… cannot smile… -shivers-

Received my LAspBus results today… I feel dumber than ever. But Mr Lim’s encouraging message appeared on the window when I went to Ole-BB. I’ll strive harder.

As I was tucked away in one corner outside one of the LTs, and spinning my handphone aimlessly… I looked around me and at the people who were walking past me. Some sights were delightful(e.g. Spiky Hair’s hair is stylishly spiky today! heh), some were dreadful…. Then I saw this group of girls walking and chatting away…. then they stopped at an occupied bench. Chatting with more friends.

Before I knew it, I was watching this girl with admiration.

The smooth way she talked without any stress in her voice….

Her smile that showed serenity and her contentment in life….

I wondered if I could BE this flawless woman?

I WANT TO BE LIKE HER!!! Yeah… copycat…

Then someone shouted a name. A name that seemed so familiar. The girl turned and answered the call. BINGO….

This was the girl I’ve been trying to find all this while and there she was… Right in front of me, talking to her friend. I suddenly loved everything about her. I admired her even more. How can such woman exist?

No. I’m not turning lesbian and will never turn into one.

Oh well, but I know I shouldn’t be ‘copying’ someone’s behaviour who have gained admiration from me… I COULDN’T. It won’t be me then.

There are many lessons that I ought to learn from and experiences to gain from as events go by. Pay more attention, I shall. May the force be with you. *zhhhhhhooooop* Thanks Shahir, for your advice…:D


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