~Exams are finally HERE!!!~

2 down, 3 more to go!!!! Hang in there, A&F peeps! Zarifah is always there doing the countdown, lol…. Makes me happier…

I’m having a rather interesting MSN conversation with my bro’s friend. Weird, they usually avoid me, but this one is asking me too many questions. Almost got into an argument. Wait… could it be in fact my brother using his friend’s email account in his school’s com lab? I don’t want to be punk’d again… My brother has committed S6(1) of Computer Misuse Act. ~lame~ Okay Julie… Legal’s OVER! *snap, snap*

There goes my anticipated B for Legal paper…. I shouldn’t have stood there when they were discussing the answers. Honestly, what’s the use of discussing the answers when the paper’s over? I don’t see any point. What may be the CORRECT answer to most, can actually be the WRONG answer and vice-versa… No, no, I’m not cursing anybody.

The study week… bleah… those 7 days were so bland… no, make that 9 days – Saturday to Sunday of the following week. I was half-dead at home. I completely abandoned my room. I leased it to my mum…err, for free… Lol… Okay, I’m not making any complete sense here.-shrugs-

My grandparents weren’t home for the whole week, so their room became some sort of apartment. Studied there, ate there, showered there, watched tv there, listened to the radio there, slept there…. everything there. And only by the end of the first day, the room was in a terrible state. Files and foolscap and rough paper were everywhere. Oh, and not forgetting strands of hair.

Days without proper conversation… I found myself to be in the silent mode. When I finally spoke, ta-da!!! Like a 13-year old boy going through puberty… Heeeheee, so deep, so changed. I like.

Tomorrow’s CAS…. groan… I shall try my best understanding every word of the wordy lecture notes.

“Is a relationship a relationship without the zSa zSa zSu?”-Carrie Bradshaw


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