~Pretty Girl~

My mum dragged me to Geylang… This is the 3rd time this year I’ve been to and fro the Geylang bazaar. I’m shocked myself. No offence, but I DO mind going there very often. It’s not the MALAY thingee, cos hey, which ungrateful gundhu is not proud to be his/her own race?

It’s just that I find things in the Malay society are getting different, in a sad way. I was walking toward TKC, and I saw this taper-ed mat, walking with his mum. I was wondering if his mum was aware what her son is actually up to. How can parents allow that to happen?

Okay, perhaps, mat skaters exist due to their interest in skateboarding…or mat breakers exist because they love break dancing. So my question is,

WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF THE EXISTENCE OF MAT/MINA TAPER-ED? What do they have in common, besides that pants. I don’t get it. Maybe someone would LOVE to explain it to me? I can’t say that I’m unhappy with these group of people, maybe I don’t have the right to. Just give me a logical explanation, I’m sure that’s fine. I hope.

And that is not the only thing I’m concerned with, there are more. But can’t be bothered. Will blog about it as it bothers me more. Right now, it’s the taper-ed people issue.


So we went to Geylang, and conquered the heavy rain, just to buy baking needs. The shop was crowded, I got so irritated, I almost decided to wait outside, but there were mats outside, so I decided to bear with the people moving here and there and everywhere within the small space. But I managed to amuse myself with the stuffs they sold – Strawberry Chocolate Chips, a block of chocolate mint, a block of lemon chocolate… hmmm… yummy…

Then we went to buy tudung at one of the bazaar stalls, the girl who served us is soooo pretty! She looks so perfect. Hurhur… She looked so sweet in the pink tudung, white top and pink pants…. Heee, if I have to go Geylang again, I know where to go now.


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