~december! december!~

it’s december already!!! do you know what that means? school is starting very very soon!!! heehee…

i’ve checked my timetable and my cds is my first option: tour and travel planning! weeeeee… but i’m not looking forward to my breaks, i don’t really fancy breaks because they always leave me with nothing to do. i have 2 hour breaks on tuesdays to thursdays…. sure i can go to the library and read or do something…. hmmm, i don’t know, i shall think about it when the time comes.

taufik won!!!! yeah!!!! heeeheee… my mum was pestering me and my brother to vote, why couldn’t she vote herself? sheesh. i was half crying and screaming before the results were announced, and when taufik became the singapore idol, we could hear some galz from the opposite flat screaming, and my mad brother decided to join them.

today i stayed back after pace duty, just for the sake of hanging out, and yeah… i kind of missed the room. especially the lavender air freshener. *sniff, sniff*… heaven…. nah…. who am i kidding, it’s me that i’m smelling right now. lol….


i thought this day would be wonderful… until a group of bastards decided to ruin it. okay, for this section, please pardon my language, i need to rant it out:

i knew my blouse was very fitting, it was the only blouse i have which is the easiest to change from my uniform to my normal blouse. if i couldn’t fit in it, i wouldn’t wear it, damn it! and as i walked along the tampines interchange for dinner with my formal wear…. apparently, a group of blardie mats who had nothing to do besides staring and commenting about other people, said something about me.

pakai lawa lawa… tapi takder shape sial!” and laughed like a pack of hyenas.

*Translation* “wear so nice, but no body shape!”

what the fuck? i had no blardie intention to so-called ‘flaunt’ my body shape… there was nothing to flaunt anyway! i know i am fleshy and i know i am not slim! they didn’t know the real reason why i wore formal in the first place, why couldn’t those bastards shut their fucking mouths?

let me know if you want to insult me the next time, so i can insult you back in your face, okay? in the end, i’ll decide if i’ll say sorry, or i’ll ask you to reflect on your action. like i said before in the previous post, there is a difference between a comment and an insult.

a comment is something you get, think about it and improve on your previous action.

an insult is something somebody says thinking one is much better than you.

i don’t even think that those blardie mats ever wore formal before, i bet they look horrendous in formal.

fucking blardie mats! i hate them! fine, go build your own anti-julie website, i don’t care… you gundhus started finding fault with me first anyway. think mats! think! what right did you have to insult just anybody you like. even if you want to talk behind someone’s back, do it discreetly!

i’m sorry…

discreetly means with wise self-restraint. i give up, go check the dictionary yourself. a dictionary is that book that consists of a list of words arranged in an alphabetical order.

i didn’t do anything to them lah, because unfortunately, my brain was in a super s-l-o-w mode today and it took me a few minutes to realise they were talking about me.


phew! there, i’ve said it. i’m satisfied. haha. i’m having a fantabulous time chatting with kes and karin right now… haha…

karin, thanks for sundae and ice lemon tea! oh… and taufik’s song too…

kes, thanks for going home with me. haha… and your *ahem* attractive and rather contagious laughter.

thank you God, for letting me spend time today with my friends. heee.


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