~forget it~

lookie at the time…. i just got out from bed actually. slept since 7pm and yeah, i guess i fell into a deep slumber…. zzzZZzzzzZZZZ…

Dear Valued Customer
We are pleased to inform you that you have no existing contract and can upgrade to a new handset with 96908483.


now i need the right time (maybe tomorrow) to shoot the question to the target (my dad). perhaps a little bit of sucking up is necessary to get myself a new handphone…. i want a samsung handphone!!! i want a flip phone!!! i want a camera phone!!! ooohh… the camera feature is a must!!!

and now i’m browsing for a phone online. heeee….

it seems that history is repeating itself. i’m trying to prevent it from happening because i don’t want to go through the bad experience all over again.

i love my mamy poko friend!!!!!
mamy poko makes me smile
mamy poko makes me laugh
mamy poko makes me jump
mamy poko makes me scream


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