~take me away, so i can forget this place~

it’s strange that i feel very exhausted today when i haven’t done many things. or maybe i’m just super mentally exhausted.

i have no idea what i’m feeling right now. a mixture of exhiliration, hope, shock, lots of nervousness, nausea…. help! i really need lots of support and encouragement when the day comes nearer. heh. and especially cash.

this is all for now, my mind is so messed up.

somehow, i found myself doing things that we both enjoy, but i didn’t see myself doing something that could probably let me see you. i don’t know if it’s exciting, but to them, they feel there could be something.

i never want to pin any hopes on myself and whatever happens on the day itself, only God knows. i will not expect anything, i will just have fun being with you.


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