went out to town with trevor, corinne, yasmeen and kes in the afternoon. and now my feet hurt. hahahhaa, i had so much fun lar… it’s been a long time since we had that. the last time was after watching ‘shall we dance’, and that was when corinne got drunk after drinking sprite. lol…. pssst, you know i love you, cor!!!

seemed that we all bought something….

trevor – adidas sweater, topman jeans and tee shirt
yasmeen – a pair of nice shoes, some funny stoopid signs, a paul frank watch (imitation one lar) and a super pink notebook.
kes – topman long sleeve tee shirt and a ring
corinne – a bottle of nice perfume
and me….? – 30 eggs… which my mum asked me to buy

i helped kes to get a bargained price for his ring…. 38 bucks, reduced to 20 bucks! how good was that eh? julie power….. muahahahaha…. the auntie was nice lah…. heeeheee, love that auntie.

reached home at about 9.30pm, only to give my mum a shock when i told her i really bought 30 eggs.

me: i bought 30 eggs you know.
mum: WAAAT?! (with eyes wide open)
me: yah… you told me if i could afford to carry more than 20 eggs, you say buy 30 eggs…
mum: i was just kidding waaat….
me: too late already. buy 30 eggs already…
mum: then now what? you want to bake is it?
me: who say?

moral of the story: don’t mess with me when it comes to buying eggs man…..

then i called zari marie and we talked as we watched the malay movie on suria…. lol, i was crying and swearing and cursing the character… hahahhahaa…. we concluded that i cry at every movie. well, almost every movie…. it kinda just started a few movies ago.

gonna stay at home the whole day and nurse my feet back to health! then i can walk around somemore again!


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