i haven’t blogged for more than one week!

*bites nails*

*panic attack*

*pulls out hair*

*screams like mad woman*

*jumps like mad monkey*


oh my God. i haven’t blogged for more than one week. all because of SIP!!! *points to mr chan seet meng* lol…. no la… just kidding… mr chan is just so funny! he’s so stressed up today when we met up with him in school. *snorts* poor mr chan. he’s just the most wonderful lecturer/tutor i’ve ever known. heeeee….

SIP has been good. okay, that’s not really true. well, i guess there are some hard times. some problems encountered… and that problem still haven’t been solved. todl mr chan and i’m so glad he totally understood my situation.

mr chan da best LO ever! khekhekhekhkehe…

i was browsing some stuffs just a few minutes ago, and i realised i’m missing quite a lot, and i’ve lost touch with some things and people for awhile. i myself don’t know how to make time, but at the same time i don’t want to lose anything. what i’m afraid most is that when i return, people just won’t be the same.

i don’t know.

anyway, if you need to reach me, pls call between 5.30pm-10pm. i’m a busy woman now. *snorts* no la… i’m SUPPOSED to end work at 5pm (gosh, i hope my supervisor could really read this) but i need to be in bed by 10pm so tt i can wake up on time for work the nxt day.

okay people, i think i won’t be blogging much till sip ends. *pulls out hair again* till then, ciaoz!


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