~let there be……~

it’s 5.33am in the morning now, can’t seem to drag my ass back to the bed again, like i normally do for the past 28 days…? and ironically i’m beginning to miss my workplace too. not the people, but the workload.

i’ve been bumping into a number of people lately, people i don’t really wish to see, people who i’ve been dying to see and people who didn’t really give any impact on me. like the other day, in geylang, i saw this dikir barat guy (dila! i bumped into THE dikir barat guy! khekhekhekhe…) and haha… my reaction was like, hey! it’s HIM!!!! *screams* was wondering where he went cos he lives near me but i seldom bump into him in my area. and i just saw another friend whom i’ve not seen for ages, and i don’t know whether to be excited or what. i was reaction-less.

tomorrow’s already hari raya and my mission for today is to doll up my grandparent’s room, the right thing to do since i’ve been practically ‘living’ in that room. a very reliable shelter i must say, cos last night i quarrelled with my mum (<= her fault, she screamed at me for no reason<= must be PMS or something). i didn’t scream back la, but held it in and let it out in my grandparent’s room. locked the door from 9pm till about 4.30am today (with the exception of my dad who wanted to get something from inside last night). blea blea blea….

so let me take the chance now to wish all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin sekiranya I ada menyinggungkan perasaan you yup.


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