~and that’s why~

projects are DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay! yay! yay! yay! yay!

today went home with trevor… one more pasir ris kaki of mine!!! hahaha… he just moved to pasir ris, then since we had pace meeting, he wanted SOOO much to go home together. hahahahhaa… that part, maybe not SOOO true la. and so we went home together for the first time and were listening to russell peters on the way and laughing to ourselves (loudly la) in the bus. so crazy.

earlier, amidst our bubble tea gathering after school (hah.), farhana asked me, “so julie, what are you getting hafiz for valentine’s day?”

heh. i really don’t know. she got me stumped. wo chen de pu che tow. syg, what do you want? no, the more imporatnt question is, what are YOU getting for ME? khekhekhkehe… i’m super thick-skinned la. already 14th feb falls during study week, can still think about this… tsk tsk… go study lar!


then amira shared with us what she gave her bf for v. day last yr. hilarious man.

bf is at yew tee, working since 8am till now…. AAAARRRGHHH…! driving me crazy man. hmph. luckily school kept me occupied. otherwise i would have sms-ed him a million and one times and drive him nutz too. ahaah.


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