~i need a job!!!~

i’m so bored at home!!!! goodness, it’s driving me CRAZY!

i’ve sent out some resumes already… i’m getting sick of it. haha. but then i need something to occupy me at least for 5 more months… i guess i shouldn’t give up sending resumes till i get one job.

haiz. most of them are based on emails, as in i just email the resumes over. but the others need photographs la, snail mail la. thing is, i have only limited number of photographs of the pretty me, and now i need to buy stamps and envelopes. hmph. cash outflow.

went out to watch big momma 2 with bf, farha and her bf in the afternoon. hilarious. except that his acting pregnant wife’s huge tummy looked so fake.

well, gtg and send out more emails now. i can’t count on relief teaching, the nearby schools don’t need me, i guess.


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