~the little red baju~

my nenek was clearing the huge plastic bag full of old clothes and she took out my little red baju kurung, which i wore back when i was in primary 1. i told her to keep it for my daughter. OR my brother’s daughter. it should, no, MUST be passed down to the next generation in my family.

received feedback that some people stopped reading my blog cos i seldom update it. ok, HERE I AM AGAIN. i got an off day from work today so i’m taking this long weekend as an opportunity to blog a lot.

i’m entitled to 2 off days, because i was working during the weekend for the OSIM triathlon last week. so i took friday (today) and next tuesday off. muahahaha.

sesame street two weeks ago was good. we took some pictures, but too bad i left my usb cable for my phone at work, so can’t upload them up here.

then 5 days after watching sesame street, there was OSIM triathlon. the kids who participated, especially in the 7-9 years old category were sooooo adorable!!!! i really admire them, cos no way i’m ever going to SWIM in the sea. i only swim in the swimming pool. hah.

work has been great. trying to save up and trying to stop gaining weight while working is not so easy. sure, i belong to the singapore sports council, the only time i get to exercise is on my way to work – i walk when i feel that i don’t depend entirely on public transport. but i’ve got work to do.

and as for saving, i’m learning to resist from spending and making sure that at least $1 goes into my kitty kat bank every single day. which reminds me, i didn’t put $1 yesterday. but i told myself that it’s totally alright to spend on something expensive once a week.

whatever it is, it’s torture! but i know i’ll pull through. i hope so. i hope this ‘routine’ doesn’t fade.

gtg for now. will try to blog some more ltr. got apptmt with dila. and bf is getting his new specs today!!! how ironic, he’s the one getting new specs and i’m more excited than he is. lol.



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