~i like!~

waterfest 2006 launch event has come to an end. Alhamdulillah, everything went great. weather was SUPERB, it didn’t rain, despite the poor weather during the past few days…

wanted soooo much to try the banana boat-ride, but i didn’t bring extra clothes, so i had to give it a miss. *boo* but that didn’t make me feel down. i managed to grab a few FREE cotton candy. hahaha, that’s good enough.

that’s not all, folks.

we had this power fmx extravaganza at different time slots, and to me that was the best and the only highlight during the past two days! this fmx extravaganza is actually an extreme sport where these guys ride their scramblers motorbikes and do highflying stunts on this big lump of soil. and i was sooooo excited because lucky me was stationed right in front of the fmx area! and they are from australia! the emcee for these guys was soooo good and sooooo enthu, i’m not surprised that he was screaming at the top of his lungs.

i got tooo excited to the extent that i asked my colleague (who was in charge of that particular show) whether i can take a picture with these guys.

AND I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, i won’t post the picture in here cos it MIGHT spark some unwanted thoughts, but it wasn’t so bad. i think i sounded like some fanatic when i said ‘hi’ to them (how retarded could i be?), plus i was grinning like a mad woman. whahahahhaha…. i soooo admire them because of the extreme sport they do. they literally flew in the air with their bikes! they could even do back-flips!

power beb. my bro should have come and watched.

other shows that i liked were the performance by dance fusion – the hollaback crew, and the beatboxing thingee. that beatboxing guy was doing that famous tokyo drift song! can you imagine! and he tried to make it sound like a remix.

i like!


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