~hear me, people!~

just to let this out of my chest, something which has been irritating me since that day…

when you go to work or school early in the morning and you take the public transport, they tend to be super crowded. everybody trying to reach their destination on time, blah blah blah… something happened to me and if the same thing have happened to you too…… you are not alone.

one fine day, i decided to take the train to work (cos i went out of the house slightly later than usual) and dropped at paya lebar. from there, i had to take bus SBS70 to reach the stadium. after a long, long, super long time, the bus finally reached, and this bus is a single deck bus which belongs to… well… the ‘old series’ type.

no biggie there cos usually at that point, most of the passengers tend to alight, so i had at least got some space to stand. after a few stops, the bus finally reached this certain bus stop, which usually picks up a lot of passenger and happens to be 3 bus stops away from my stop.

so the bus was then packed. packed like a can of sardines (poor me). something horrible and disgusting happened.

this man (mid-30s) was standing facing me (both of us standing). i was holding onto one of the poles, and he was holding onto the handle above him. he happened to be wearing a short-sleeved yellow shirt and with his arms hanging there, my head was face-to-face with his….. armpit.

his HAIRY armpit was literally shoving at my face lor!!!!! how disgusting was that?!!!! that was not all, he kept yawning and yawning without covering his mouth lar! great, i had to deal with his breath too.

i’m making a big BIG HUGE deal out of this, because that was a disgusting encounter! seriously, if his wife were to be my position, i’m sure she would not had mind. she probably had lived with those. but i was a total stranger!!!!

ladies and gentlemen, PLEEEEASE, if you are one of these people…. i beg of you, STOP IT! i can propose to you some solutions:
(1) hold onto a pole, not handle above you (esp if you know your armpit smells)
(2) try not to wear short-sleeve shirts (esp if you have not shaved)
(3) spray a more-than-enough amount of deodorant or something
(4) get someone you know to stand in front of you

i was so thankful when i finally alighted the bus, i tell you. for the first time, i was desperate for the air, which may be smoky and hazy, but it sure beats that air.

which brings me to my next ‘complaint’: the buses

why couldn’t they provide DOUBLE-DECKER bus during peak hours? that way, bus drivers don’t have to deal with people trying to squeeze into the bus like mad.

my final complaint: bus drivers

bus drivers who suddenly jerks the vehicle because another vehicle in front of the bus suddenly stops. sure, it is the fault of the driver of that vehicle, but when the bus suddenly brakes, who also suffers? passengers are also affected, you know. for all you know, we can suffer some kind of depression or trauma. we can sue the company, you know! (hmmm… can we? i sort of forgot the company law… kwa kwa kwa….)

i understand that bus drivers are also frustrated when vehicles in front of them suddenly brakes, but aren’t they aware that they have more than 10 people along with him/her? should one of his/her passengers be an old lady or a pregnant woman, how?!

at least, SAY SORRY CAN? just shout across and say ‘SORRY HOR!’ to the passengers. and at the most, stop the bus at the side lane to check if everybody is ok… which i doubt that will happen.


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