~the sweet thang~

i am at work now… volunteerily at work, to tidy my table and do whatever i can finish. it’s saturday, i know. decided to blog before doing my work.

fine, call me a freak, I DON’T CARE! be more organized and neat – that’s one of my 2007 resolutions. whether i can stick to it or not, that’s another story.

how’s everybody…? HAPPY NEW YEAR! weeeee….. writing the number ‘2007’ gets me so excited whenever i have to write it. a new number… ooooh…. juli jakon, juli jakon.

let’s see, on a crazier note, i bumped into STRAWBERRY on new year’s eve!!!!! zari! dila! farhana! farha! remember him???? he grew chubbier man! ahhhh… poly days when we used to fuss over STRAWBERRY for no reason at all.

i think i better go do my work now. blog later!


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