keledek IS sweet potato!!!!! whahahhhaa…. or at least that was what bf told me.

anyway, i owe you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you and you zari’s birthday photos! you and you also!

sorry sorry sorry but something damn irritating happened yesterday! i switched on my computer to send the photos to the yous via email and burn you a nice cd with the photos in it and proceed with my work, when in the midst of sending the photos, the computer switched off by itself! waaaaaah! panic la! i haven’t even burned the cd man!

so my dad came over and godeh2 don’t know which wire and connected back the wires and finally gave up and said, “please call your bf and ask him how to settle this.” pfffft.

bf was working yesterday so didn’t want to call him for *ahem* consultation la (him being the computer expert whom my family depends on). so i thought it was overheated or something and i tried it again 4 hours later. this time there was nothing on the screen, the cpu made a funny noise and switched off by itself.

so ya, sorry guys, cos the pics are in the computer.

called bf to make him lend me his lappie so that i could finish my work. (work, i save in my thumbdrive, heh) he told me my computer is gone case already. hur hur…. ALL MY PICS ARE IN THAT BLARDIE COMPUTER.

so just now i was using the laptop on my bed, when my dad took a peek at what i was doing (the door was open anyways), then he went away. he came back with one of the kerusi mengaji – it was one of those chairs that have a small table built with it – and dragged it into my bedroom! whahahhahahaaa…. he said i should put the lappie on the small table and me sit on the chair to do my work. i shouldn’t slouch, very unhealthy.

while i agree with him on that part, it was funny that he actually dragged that bulky chair to my room! ok la, i’m happy that my bed remains empty and spacious without the lappie, but one small portion of my room is occupied with the bulky chair! but nevertheless, thank you. haha.

i shall continue with my work now, and i am hearing this funny noises, like monkey noises from another flat. is that really a monkey, or a child throwing his temper tantrums? it’s irritating.


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