~my uncle’s hady’s!!!!! not…. ~

i just watched the muzika ekstravanganza (or however they spelled it) on suria…. came to realize that…. i think my uncle looks like hady mirza!!!! (who can’t probably sing like him, but that’s ok!)

whahahahahaha… it’s ok i can’t get close to hady mirza, but i have a hady mirza almost look-a-like in my family! hahahhaa…

today was a public holiday, as much as i was looking forward to it, i was also bored. but i told myself, i deserve a break from work. yes.

was planning to stay at home and watch all the tv specials BUT… at 12 plus, a received a call on my handphone. i looked at the screen, and it stated ‘home sweet home’. i’m like, what the…? who is calling me at home, from home?

i answered the phone (at the same time felt scared – could be some supernatural thing, you know) and…..

it was my mum. ….dotz…..

she asked me to follow her go bugis to find something. so… apparently, she was calling me on my handphone, from her bedroom, why? because she was too lazy to get out of bed and walk to my grandparents’ room (where i was) and asked me out.

oh my goodness, i pray that i don’t inherit her laziness.


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