~this world is crazy~

bf bought both us shrek hairbands – yes, the one that mcdonald’s is selling for two bucks each. well, as excited as i felt when i got it, i was surprised how comfortable it is when i wore it. and i have been wearing it around at home without realizing that it has a pair of shrek ears attached to it, hahahahha…

and tomorrow, we are going to watch shrek 3, after carefully choosing it over pirates of carribean 3. *cries* i wanted to watch witty jack. *pouts*

over to another topic, have you ever encountered someone who suddenly sings out loud in public, by himself? and when you feel irritated or kay-po for that matter, you turn around to find that the person is listening to his or her music player.

i have encountered three such people so far and i am really curious what they were thinking while doing that? and i came up with a few possibilities:

1. i just finished my singing class, and i am practising, teacher say i must practice;

2. i hope there is a talent scout listening to my wonderful voice (which is actually so out of tune), heeeheeee, and he’ll offer me a contract to make my own album!!!!;

3. i want to be the next singapore idol! (lol!);

4. singapore is a free country, i can do whatever i want, so bugger off!;

5. hah?! really ah??! i thought i’m singing quietly all this while!!! *runs away embarrassed*

well, just to share with you, two out of the three actually sang songs of another language (which is not mandarin nor malay nor tamil nor whatever dialect you call it, it was totally out of singapore), and the other one was singing some jiwang malay songs – must had been feeling heartbroken then. haha. but it’s ok dude, i don’t mind to hear you sing again by yourself, cos you turned out to be the best singer among the three…


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