yesterday, a whole lot of us went to the national stadium closing ceremony. met up with zari mari for a pre-ceremony little shopping (haha, if there is such thing) first, before heading down to the grand old dame.

i came with this so semangat mood that i could just start screaming anytime. and i did. but it wasn’t so loud. just when they annonced singapore ex-international team, i just went “WOOOOOOOOAH!!!!! YAY!”

to make it even better, there was this chinese guy who sat beside me, and he must be a football fan, cos he used comments like “THAT WAS A GOOD SAVE!”, “NICE MOVE!!”. so i took some queues from him, and when he clapped or cheered, i’d do the same. haha… and eventually, i soaked into the atmosphere during the soccer match.

not bad, i actually screamed during a soccer match. just screaming for the sake of it. lol.

then came the singapore vs australia….. zari ogled at EVERY australian kid who walked past us. hmmm…. i’ll look out for aussie guys for you ok? haha.

it was a great event, but the ceremony was rather short. the highlights were definitely the soccer matches.

there was this malay family who sat beside zari, and the father said to the kid, “do you know why you are here today? you are here today because today is the last day of the stadium. tomorrow, the stadium will be demolished. so, when you grow up, you can tell your children that you were here during the stadium’s last day.”

hmmm… a future-oriented father (talking to his young son about stories to tell his grandchildren. the boy was like 5?), but also main sebat jer…. since when the stadium was going to be torn down on 1st july? anyhow shoot only… pffft.

anyway, we were pretty exhausted on the way back. but who cares? we got to catch two soccer matches, the closing ceremony, the fireworks, and cute aussie guys. =)
some embarrassing moments that happened to me, which i’d rather keep them to myself. heh.

but nevertheless, that was one good closing ceremony.


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