~my room is a dust magnet~

I had my boy band phase, when I bought LIME magazines with Westlife posters, NSync posters, Backstreet Boys posters, A1 Posters and detached them out very carefully and slot them into A4 sized file pockets…

My Britney Spears phase, when I pestered my mum to buy me this pair of shoes which I thought looked like the same one she wore in one of her videos…

My cross-stitching phase, when my mum bought me this cross-stitch things from Spotlight and got me engrossed in it. When the thread ran out, I would make my way down to Spotlight (formerly in Tampines) and buy the threads. It is now 60% done and I might just continue with it when I’m back into the phase…

My muffin baking phase, when I would bake them so frequently, until my mum told me to stop…

I had my all sorts of phase, and currently, I am in another phase, which I am sure would fade soon, which is the Chinese Artists phase.

Just a few nights ago, I spent a few hours watching Jay Chou music videos and Lee Hom music videos on YouTube. Haha. And I found out that the Chinese song that the Chinese boys in Sec 4D were always singing, actually was Jay Chou’s song!

Things I like about Jay Chou:
He is very very talented (directed his own music video, and just recently a movie that he starred in ‘The Secret’)
Quite good looking
Can cry. And when he does, I want to cry with him! (yeeer la…. dah start la tu..)

Things I like about Lee Hom:
Nice young voice
Has a boyish charm
A refreshing smile. When he smiles, his eyes widen, and his face lights

I remember having a poly course mate who looks like Jay Chou. Raymond. Hahaha… I remembered during our fresh men orientation, our coordinator said “Eh, you all very lucky ah, you have a classmate who looks like Jay Chou.” And then he went to tell the other group coordinators.

Like I mentioned above, I am sure this will fade soon, and will keep me smiling when I think about it a few years down the road, over the stupid things that go through my mind.

But for now,




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