Unlike many people/bloggers who would take the time and effort to pen down a lot on 2007, I am one lazy girl who decides not to do it this time. Haha.

But, I will say this:

Like every year, 2007 was a year filled with many experiences, a lot of lessons learnt and definitely meeting new people at the same time making new friends.

I left my first full-time job at the Singapore Sports Council after working there for about a year, to pursue my studies at the Singapore Institute of Management.

SSC has given me a lot of wonderful experiences and exposures and opened my eyes to sports and event organizing. And for that, to the people who made my stay there enjoyable and worthwhile, THANK YOU!

Next came to going back to school after one year of hiatus. I was excited that I was pursuing a BSc in Business, something that I decided to take after working in SSC, instead of furthering the accounting line. Well, school is fine, the only dreadful thing is the transportation. And yet, my backside has not gotten flat. Haha. I regard it as a good thing. Heh.

And getting a part-time job at En-Naeem Mosque was such a blessing and still is. Opened my eyes to what I have been looking for and got me closer to Him. Teaching me to be patient when facing difficulties, accepting situations for everything happens for a reason and knowing that I can turn to Him for everything and anything.

The highlight of 2007 has got to be the month of Ramadhan (fasting month) when I got to perform the Terawih prayers almost every night… That’s the bonus of working at the mosque eh, because if you want to talk about past years, you can even count with your fingers on the number of times I pray Terawih. Haha.

And for all that has happened, I thank the God Almighty for them.

To all my friends and whoever stumbles upon this blog of mine,


Oh, and may we stick to our 2008 resolutions! Haha.

Hmm, looks like I’ve written down more than my laziness wanted to.


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