Today some girls found an adorable kitten and brought HER into the mosque… So cute I tell you, I wished my work shift had already ended so that I could kidnap her and then the girls would scramble around the mosque looking for her.

Then I would name her…. CAYANG!!!!

*evil laugh*

Then Tok would come over just to play with her every day, calling out her name and then she would manja-manja, then I would probably end up jealous. Hurmph.

On the other hand, I doubt my mum would approve me bringing something alive home that needs to be taken care of. Lol. Except for my future husband, in future, that is. And my brother’s future wife (in future too).

But the kitten seemed to be interested in the black dustbin located just beside drinks fridge. Maybe it was hungry, poor thing.

I didn’t take a picture of it, because I was in the middle of work, at the same time, trying to get all the kids to get their wudhu’ to prepare for prayers.

But imagine a cute little grey thing, with white fur at the tip of each of its four legs, as if wearing white socks.

Cute nyer!!!


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