~I’m not perfect for you.~

It has been quite awhile, perhaps a few years already, since my mum usually gets mixed up between me and my brother.

She tends to call my brother’s name when in fact she meant me, and vice versa. Whenever I walk past her, she would acknowledge me as ‘Aan’ – my brother’s nickname in the house, and vice versa.

Well, my brother and me don’t really mind, because we know those are accidental, otherwise we’d just treat it as a joke.

Earlier today, it happened again, when I entered the kitchen, passed by her and headed to the toilet, and she called out ‘Aan’. So I reminded her that it was me, and not my brother.

While I laughed, she sighed and said, “Mama ni dah makin tua.

Out of humour, and not wanting her to think so much of growing old, I said, “Ler… Macam maner ni… Anak dua orang sahaja, satu lelaki, satu perempuan… Macam maner la Mama boleh mix up ni? Allah nak buatkan lagi senang lagi untuk Mama, Aan paling tinggi, Yana paling pendek dalam rumah ni…. Mama… Mama…

She replied, “Hai, Yana suker sangat ke jadi pendek?

Well, I had to switch on my thick-skinned mode and said, “Sependek-pendek Yana pon, cute jugak per… Ada orang suker jugak per…


Well, hope everyone enjoyed their public holiday today… As for me, I fell sick and I had a very bad flu due to sinus (and possibly due to exam stress). I think if my nose could, it would have detached itself and run far far away.


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