~I found you~

When there is no one else to talk to, it is you that I turn to…

These past few weeks have been rather tough, but I am only human, I just attempt to understand. But you make my heart calm, my mind peaceful and you let my eyes see a different but positive perspective on things.

I question myself; whay have things turned out these way. Don’t misunderstand, it is not that I really have nobody to talk to at all, neither am I friend-less, but at the same time, problems are not just any problems – certain problems are meant to be shared with certain people.

And yet, I have not been able to, perhaps I had been too kind, too understanding, too giving, too forgiving, that I have found myself to land in such situation.

Amidst all these, I learnt that I can seek solace from you. It is indeed comforting, because you let me and my mind realise that there are other things in life to be sought after…

Yes, these past few weeks have been tough for me but there are just some things that I cannot handle alone…

I just wish you could spare some time to hear me… as much as how much I want to know what has been happening in your life.

Say It Again – Marie Digby


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