My Way Advanced Birthday Present

Just when I was finishing dinner yesterday after reaching home from work, my mum presented me with a birthday gift. And my birthday has yet to come. The funny thing was, she told me the price tag for the gift, and it costs more than my age. Lol.

It is a pair of ear rings, not ear studs, 18K Gold plated, came with a warranty card…. and they are sure heavy. Hey, who knows that in time to come, my ears could grow longer like those tribe people who put big thingees through their piercings to make it bigger, at the same time their ears stretches to become longer.

Oh dear, I would have slight difficulties wearing my tudung then.

Ok, scrape that picture of your minds already. The long/sagging ears thing ain’t going to happen. But after I wore them, I could see my mum’s ear-to-ear smile followed by a strict instruction,

“Jangan buka! Kalo buka, jaga kau!”

Oh man. On a different perspective, at least I made her happy.


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