This is not Goodbye

I dedicate this post being my last day of work in En-Naeem today.

No doubt I am going to miss so many people, work here has been nothing but a joy, a great learning experience, going through the ups and downs together, especially with a wonderful bunch of friends. But I guess after a year and two months, time has come for me to explore other opportunities out there for me.

And I was touched when I was told that many will miss me…. in fact, even my Tok says he will miss me, now that he no longer sees me at my desk when he comes in.

Well, let’s not regard this as farewell, for I will still come down, hopefully not only for SPIB, but perhaps to volunteer myself for activities when time permits, insyaAllah. Afterall, En-Naeem is just a bus ride away from home. =)

I apologize for the abrupt decision that may have resulted in a shock in most of you, especially when I’m leaving just like that, and not really getting the chance to prepare myself to say proper goodbyes…

Anyway, today was quite a day –

After a panicky morning because I got locked out of the office, I managed to get Cik Sarah’s help to get the keys… Followed by an interrogation session by some of the Asatizahs who only just heard that today is my last day (dorang terperanjat katak dok…), then I amused myself by the number of things I have kept at my desk throughout the past four months and my bag pack looks like it’s heavily pregnant.

I wish I had brought a luggage bag instead. Lol.

How am I going home with such load? Hmm… Beats me. And I have decided to take this last day as an opportunity to drink something that I seldom drink. BEER… Root beer. Heh. After eating so much during yesterday’s raya outing, plus this root beer, yeah I feel fat-ter.

Hey, my bag pack can help me shed a few mili-grams of fats when I go home later!

Ok, I guess it’s time for me to really pack up, return my pass and keys and go off now… To the great bunch of people I got to know from En-Naeem, we will definitely keep in touch and maybe meet up as a big kecoh group for dinner one day?

Take care, and I shall pray only the best for you… Illaliqa’ (till we meet again)…

P.S. (Ramdan, I still remember that prank call you gave me on my first day of work. Seow! Oh and get well soon. Haha.)


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