Post-Birthday Post

I would like to apologise, for now that I think back, I may have been too much in my birthday wishlist.

Let’s recall, my wishlist consisted of tickets to Ungu’s Concert, Doraemon Ladies’ Watch, a Chomel Ring, a new sweater, something from, a trip to Swensen’s and a new pair of Crocs.

And I got…

From my mum –  a ladies watch (after contemplating and decided that a Doraemon watch would look extremely childish on me)

From my dad – a new pair of Crocs

From my friends – a nice Chomel bracelet and a Doraemon

From Mahirah – two brooches from, an awesome inspirational book and a bookmark

From Tok’s family – a Doraemon, a flower that says ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and a nice blue, furry handphone chain

From myself – a new sweater (which was on a wicked sale) and a trip to Swensens (to celebrate three occasions at one go with Tok)

After some calculations, about 95% of the items have been checked. And I felt that I may have gone over-board. Tapi sekali sekala, takpe la kan? Nevertheless, I would like to thank all of those who actually went to buy me the presents. I love them very much. Although I have not found the heart yet to wear the Chomel bracelet (lawa sangat, macam sayang gitu nak pakai…), I assure you that I WILL wear it one day for a special occasion.

My mum confessed to me that my parents were about to buy me an iPod or a new digital camera… UNTIL I told them I wanted a watch and a new pair of Crocs. Hmm, should have kept my mouth shut eh? Hahaha… See, I told you, when it comes to my own birthday, I am just way too much.

If you recall one entry that I self-proclaim myself as ‘low-maintenance’ and you think the above paragraph contradicts the former… let me clarify – I AM low-maintenance on normal days. I just tend to be demanding on my birthday. That’s like once a year what, it’s harmless.  =P

Ok, birthday’s long over, and after those Hari Raya goodiesandwhatnots and the birthday cakeSandwhatnots and the Swensensandwhatnots all in one month, I have grown fatter!!!!!

Three people have commented that I have grown fatter. Two people commented that I have grown slimmer (Tok belonged to the category of the two people). Though Siti said that I should listen to Tok’s comment because he sees me more often than the other three people, I still feel fatter. =(

And when I got home just now, my mum (who apparently agreed with my aunt who belonged to the category of the three people) surprised me with a SLIMMING TEA. And my first question was,

“Is it nice or not?”

Come to think of it, I’d much prefer some tea or pill that makes me grow TALLER rather than slimming tea.

AAAAARGH. Know what, I ought to be slapped to regain my senses for not appreciating what God has already given me – my good health.

AAAAAARGH. I’m sorry, I’m just in a whiney mood today, maybe it’s the angst and unsatisfaction has got better hold of me. I need to go find my common sense again.

Right after I watch this Hindustan movie. Heh.


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