Facebook Account

I finally got a Facebook account y’all!

Ok, I shan’t lie, and confess that this FB account does not literally belong to me…. but technically, it does. Heh. It just so happened that Tok was ‘forced’ to sign up for an FB account one day by his friend. And knowing that I do not have one, and have been teased and pestered by some of my friends about signing up for it, Tok has generously offered to share his FB account with me!

Looks like Tok has caught the sharing-is-caring virus from me… and it is a good virus, mind you. Haha.

So generally, I have a joint FB account with Tok, and the good thing about this account is that it does not involve money. =)

So, if you want to add, our profile name is ‘Tok Juju’. And I am still trying to explore this FB thing… I remember the time I commented that FB is for people who have nothing to do. Although I am a FB-er now, I haven’t found any reason to contradict my comment.

I can’t stand the sight of too much words.

So anyway, add us okay? Haven’t added much peektures yet, because my laptop has been held hostage by my brother. Heh, kidding, he needs a laptop more than I do. But the photos that you see now are those that were taken during our most recent barbeque cum Herna’s birthday celebration.

Add us ok? Haha.


5 thoughts on “Facebook Account

  1. dah add dah add ahaha!

    actually i was anti-facebook last time, cuz i didn’t see the big deal about it, but hey, now I’m quite impressed by it (:

    but yeah ppl who linger ard facebook like it’s their life support are definitely ppl who nd a better life hehe 😛

    no offence!

  2. To Zak:- Haha, sorry la beb… I’m sure class was a blast with the new ustaz teaching and all. Something cropped up last minute man, padahal dalam bag dah bawak barang2 seh. Hahaha. See u nxt week!

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