So Blessed

Today was such a fantastic day, I wished it could stay like this every day.

I took off today due to my Final Theory Test… and I passed! I was like the third last person to leave the classroom, and I painstakingly went through all the questions five rounds to see if some answers could have been answered wrongly. It was all worth it. Haha. And after that I waited for about an hour to get my PDL. Gah…

Today was also the day that Tok took his TP Class 2B Bike Test. And he passed too! Now he owns two licenses – Class 3 and 2B. Cool or what? We waited for about an hour too, to get the person to amend his current Class 3 license card and add the Class 2B on it – just to state that he is able to drive a car and ride a bike.

So as already intended by Tok, he said he would shave his head if he passes his TP test. Kept his word, and did it. I loike, though I kinda miss his hair.

The rest of the day was spent roving around Singapore… okay, not so. More like from Yio Chu Kang to Simei then to Tampines then to Pasir Ris. Since we had rented out a car, why not?

Tok was feeling sleepy along the way, and I tried to help and persuade him that I could *ahem* take over since I’ve gotten my PDL… but I guess I failed. He said he wasn’t born yesterday to let me drive just like that. He would have loved to let me drive while he slept in the car, but he wants me to get an official driving license first. Heh.

Put us together in a car, I would say we make a pretty good pair – because I can’t drive but he can, I know the directions but he’s unsure most of the times. We compliment each other, no?

I can’t wait to get a license and control that steering wheel and merayap all over Singapore! Weeeeee…

We ended the whole day with attempted-prawn-fishing at Pasir Ris Town Park. $13 for an hour – it wasn’t worthwhile. Yeah, we saw a lot of prawns, but they were dead. We couldn’t see the live ones. I doubt we’d be doing such activity again… Plus I got eeked out by the bait they gave us – a small cup of minced chicken. Which I joked and played with Tok’s mind by saying, “Are you sure it’s chicken? Doesn’t look like it… Could be pork.” Lol. I almost got scolded because he already touched the minced meat.

Then we got our families some Arnold chicken and headed home.

Home sweet home. And I can’t help thinking how wonderful today was. Alhamdulillah. =) And now presenting to you, my Tok, after….


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