Art Exhibition

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to attend an arts exhibition, which Zari had free tickets for. So there were Zari Mari, Siti Tun Fatimah, my Pasir Kaki, Tok and me.

No prizes for guessing, it was already a kecoh scene, even before we stepped into the South Beach place.

The exhibitions were mostly nice and pretty, some gave an eerie feel, partly weird and the rest (minority) which I simply had no idea what message the artists were trying to convey.  We had lots of fun taking photos though, some scandalistic enough. Lol.

The place was run-down, one of the perfect candidates if you are looking for a haunted place to explore. but don’t count on us girls to try such outings – satu-satu dah memang pengecut, suruh dengar Misteri Jam 12 dah tak berani.

After a few hours walking around the place and cam-whoring, and doing star jumps at one particular artwork, we decided to have a meal, but Tok had to go for his rewang and left us halfway, while us girls continued our journey to satisfy our grumbling tummies.

By the time we reached McDonalds at Marina Square, we were dead beat. But we gave in to our hunger and got up to get food. But in the midst of eating, we godeh2 Fir’s camera and the girls were like scanning through Fir’s friends whom they apparently found cute. Haha. Sempat norh.

After they chose their respective potential guys from the photos, we headed to One Fullerton to hang out at Starbucks. We had to walk along Esplanade, so to us, kalau tak ambik gambar kat situ, tak sah. Oh, we even found one potential for Siti, his name is Rajesh, and he plays a traditional Indian instrument. Lol. We have a picture to justify just how much she’s interested in the fella. =P

And by the time we reached Starbucks@One Fullerton, wow… we were more dead beat than how we were at McDonalds. Plus with my throbbing headache, I had to transform into one makcik for a moment and rubbed the Axe Medicated Oil on my temples and nostrils.

We finally made a move at 9pm and flagged a cab – I could sense the shock in the cab driver uncle’s voice when I said, “Uncle, can go to FOUR places?” Haha.

And I came home, running a fever. Hoho. Took panadols and ZzzZzzzZzzz.

I had a great time yesterday, the camwhoring tak leh angkat la ok. But I think we took lesser number of photos as compared to Hari Raya.

Photos are with Farha, who will be uploading them on FB, but I will share some of the fun photos here soon. =D


3 thoughts on “Art Exhibition

  1. we took more peekturess.. 380 you know!! hahaah
    “memang pengecut, suruh dengar Misteri Jam 12 dah tak berani.” i don’t even listen to this and i fell asleep during the ghost Thai movie. i’m actually inching to go to the old changi hospital.. want? want?

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