The Lipstick Chronicles

It had been ages since I read a fiction book. My friends bought me ‘The Lipstick Chronicles Book One’ for my 18th Birthday and it took a little more than a year to complete reading it. Then a few years back, in the midst of window-shopping at Kinokuniya one day, together with the same group of friends who bought me the book, chanced upon ‘The Lipstick Chronicles Book TWO’.

Oh, how I pestered them to buy it for me for my upcoming birthday (another reason for it was because the book is bimbotic-pink in colour), and I got the book for my 21st birthday. Hehe. For some reason, I stopped reading after one-eighth of the whole book.

And I just resumed reading it on Saturday… I found it so hard to put it back down. I would read it whenever I get the chance to – heck, I was reading it while waiting for Tok to call me last night, but I fell asleep halfway. I am not implying that the storyline puts you to sleep, I was tired okay… Heh.

Anyway, I would read it while waiting for the train/bus, in the train/bus, and today I almost missed one train stop because I was too engrossed reading it.

While reading it, I realized that I miss the characters – Elyssa, Dana, Carole, Robyn, Alix who are friends AND colleagues (Elyssa being the CEO of the company) and they work in an online greeting card company. I just love stories about single working women who try to juggle between working life and love among the many things/problems/troubles that they find themselves in. And I don’t even care if the characters are fictional and not based on a true story or some sort.

Not only that I missed the characters, I missed the words – the fun-sounding, ‘colourful’ words. Everytime I come across a bombastic adjective, the word keeps playing in my mind, and will not rest till I find out what it means.

My next goal after finishing the book is to go to one of them bookstores and hunt down for ‘The Lipstick Jungle’. I found it at Sans Bookshop at Heeartland Mall while loitering there with Tok (hoho) a few weeks ago. I suppose it’s similar to the TV series of the same title, and I have a strong feeling that the TV series is based on the book. But because I never managed to catch all the episodes, I am determined to get the book instead.

By the time, I would have: The Lipstick Chronicles Book One, The Lipstick Chronicles Book Two and The Lipstick Jungle. And I am looking for this book called ‘Twilight’ (yes, the one that has the movie coming out soon) because I saw this lady reading it in the train and I discreetly read the back cover of the book. Sounds interesting. Whoa there, one at a time Juli… Banyak nye buku kau nak… Haha.

Something that was in my thoughts from reading The Lipstick Chronicles Book One and Two – I think one of the best things that could happen to you is to open a company with your closest friends, doing a business that you love. Boleh selitkan personal matters during work or meetings… heee… at the right time, of course.

Bimbotic-pink book cover - One of the things that made me want the book so badly. Haha.
Bimbotic-pink book cover - One of the things that made me want the book so badly. Haha.

3 thoughts on “The Lipstick Chronicles

  1. lipstick jungle has no connotation to lipstick chronicles. and yes, the series “lipstick jungle” is based on the book. by the same author who brought us Sex in the City! Candice Bushnell..

    since you’ve finished reading the lipstick chronicles… very hot kan the book? wahahaha

  2. Oooo. U really wanna try Twilight? My sis has the book if you wanna borrow it 😀
    First book’s kinda lengthy but it’s pretty hot. The whole series is pretty hot! 😀

  3. Juli to Farha: Hot-nessssss. Haha. I can’t bear to put down the book most of the times. Lol.

    Juli to Mahirah: Eh, Twilight got more than one series? I thought it was a novel…

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