All Girls Affair Tea

Hear ye’! Hear ye’! I bring good news to all!

Actually only to the girls. Heh. So the guys can relax one corner ok? Eh, no wait, I take that back! If you are a guy, and have a girlfriend, do spread the word to her and her friends ok ok ok?

Well, the female youth wing of En-Naeem Mosque is organizing an all girls event, which means all girls are invited! We are known as Az-Zahra, which means a beautiful flower *birds chirping sound playing at the background*, and also the name of our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s daughter – Fatimah Az-Zahra.

So click on the poster below for more details, and I know the deadline is TODAY, but I think as long as we can accommodate the space for you, you can still register.

And best of all… IT’S FREE!!!! Erm… okay, that’s like a bad reason to use as a promotion tool… haha… but I am sure it will be informative, fun and strictly girls issues only.

So I hope to see you girls there!

Click on me!


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