Shopping? No shopping?

I suddenly have this itch to go shopping… BUT SHOPPING FOR WHAT????

I don’t know. -_-”

Make-up products? – I don’t go ga-ga over make up, I don’t use many make up products, just need my lip balm, eye liner and compact powder. I think Tok must be thankful for that. Haha.

Clothes? – I look at my closet and I don’t even think about buy new clothes. It’s a scary picture.

A new bag? – No available space to put it. My current bag that I use everyday is lying peacefully on the floor. Correction: Dusty floor. I am lucky it doesn’t have a mouth to complain. Haha.

A new brooch? – Too many already.

A pair of those branded baby shoes? – Lol. Somebody slap me. Kau dah tebiat, Juli, nak beli kasut baby? What… they are so tiny and cute, and branded too. Any brand, Crocs, Nike, they are all so cute because they are tiny. However even when I have my own kids one day, I won’t let anybody let my babies to wear those babies shoes. They are too precious. I mean the shoes.

Orgh…. Maybe it’s the mega pasar malam at Pasir Ris MRT that’s giving me this itch to shop. But I don’t have much moola to begin with. Haha. (Then nak pergi shopping. Ketok kepala baru tau. Oh no, that sounded like Tok.) Can the pasar malam wait till I get my next pay? Can or not?

An even better idea! Siti! Can I get an advanced pay for November?

Hahahahhahaa… dalam mimpi la Juli…


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