A Little of Racing and Dostana

When Tok and I first began to get to know each other, one of the first few facts about him was that he loves Hindustan movies. And I cringed over it. At the time, I thought to myself, I would never grow to like Hindustan movies, they sing about EVERTHING. They fall in love, they sing. They fall out of love, they sing. They fight, they sing. Someone dies, they sing. They get married, they sing. You get my drift.

But well, I just came out from an approximately TWO AND A HALF HOURS movie screening of a Hindustan movie at GV Tamp earlier, titled ‘Dostana’.

It was simply superb. I don’t even want to put ‘superb’ to describe it, because it was more than superb. It was worth every dollar and cents. And Farha, if you want to catch a Hindustan movie, go watch Dostana. Really.

I have fallen in love with Hindustan movies after I watched Om Shanti Om, after Tok lent me Jannemann and after I watched Dostana. And we have already pre-planned our next movie date to watch this upcoming movie featuring Shah Rukh Khan (movie title is too long for me to remember) opening in December. Wooohooooo!

Before we entered the cinema for Dostana, I had a car race with Tok at the arcade. I think after my second driving practicle lesson, I feel more comfortable driving, even if it meant having a screen as your window to the animated road. I won the first round, and Tok won the second round.

Funny, I hated arcades. Even when Farhana and Zari invited me to race Daytona with them sometime last year, I rejected their invitation because I couldn’t stand the noise. And now? I look forward to car racing.

Hmmm… looks like Tok has got me hooked to two of his loves. Car racing at arcades and Hindustan movies. =)


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