En-Naeem 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

Ok, I know I am way too outdated to be blogging this out. Lol. But anyway, 30 November 2008 was the big event for En-Naeem Mosque as well as for the working team who has bertungkus lumus to make this event as successful as it was on that night.

I came to support the Project Team and to catch up with some staff as much as I could. I think I was priveleged enough to be part of the process, though for a short while, and later had to leave the team with a heavy heart, and not forgetting some tears too. The least I could do was to come, show my support and enjoy myself.

And I did. Zari was my date for the night, and we definitely enjoyed the performance by Alias Kadir. He pulled the ‘Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu’ surprisingly well. Don’t get me wrong, I know he can sing, but I also know he can joke, so I thought he was going to make a spoof out of the song. But I enjoyed it.

Suhaimi Yusof was a great host and his jokes too were enlightening.

I thought I was going to cry because the tears were already coming, and that was the part when they showed a video of the mosque. And that made me miss En-Naeem so much – the staff, volunteers, the activities, the memories, the mosque. At that point of time, I wished I didn’t have to leave. But everything happens for a reason, and alhamdulillah, things are great for now.

Oh yes, the most exciting part was the lucky draw, which was what Zari claimed why she wanted to come for the dinner in the first place. Anyway, me and Zari won a free trip to __________!!!! Yang dah tahu buat dah tahu je la eh. Haha. But we have yet to decide when to go.

Overall, we had a wonderful time at the dinner, I am sure Zari enjoyed herself, going ga-ga over Asyraf aka the Handsome boy, she simply couldn’t get over him at dinner. I sense that if Kak Mas/Encik Mutaliff reads this, mesti happy giler anak dorang kena puji. =P Well, and besides Asyraf and Aisyah, Zari also made another new friend from dinner. Tak sia-sia you ikut I, Zari. Heee.

Not much pictures taken during dinner, but memorable enough for me. =D

Hes my number ONE fan. Lol. Macam betul je!
Me with my number one fan. Lol. Macam betul je!
My date and I
My date and I
With Siti Tun Fatimah
With Siti 'Tun' Fatimah
Last photo taken before Zaris digicame screamed LOW BATT!!!
Last photo taken before Zari's digicame screamed 'LOW BATT!!!'

Next: KORBAN!!!!! =D


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