Beautiful People, Inside Out

These past few weeks, friends have delivered to me good news, and yes, I am very happy for them. Perhaps to be more specific, these news are related to the topic of love, friendship and life. But I shall not go beyond specific to mention any names. Haha.

But it made me realized how beautiful everyone is. Inside, out or even both – which there is bound to have at least someone else attracted to one. Even if we are of different shapes and sizes.

I never would have thought I would be with someone I love one day, because I am fat, since primary school days (God knows what was stuffed into me then), and I thought I would live the rest of my life on just having crushes, or otherwise unreciprocated love. Haha. Also because I simply stopped smiling after I joined NPCC. It would take so much courage to actually develop a smile while taking photos – so you can rarely see myself smiling in photos taken during secondary school days.

But then, I learned to smile when I entered polytechnic… It became a habit especially when I joined PACESetters. It wasn’t until I realized that my smile was (and still is, I hope, haha) an asset when someone told me that I have a nice smile.

That was also when I held on to this saying ‘Don’t frown. You’ll never know when someone falls in love with your smile.’  So true.

Enough about me. It was also when I’m with my friends, I know my friends have a special thing inside each and everyone of them. That special thing is what, I believe, will attract someone/people to them. And I think some of them already know it. Haha. Of course, this does not apply only to finding your life partners, but also a friendship, in terms of career too, and the list can just go on.

But of course, we also have our flaws, and no matter what these flaws are, we are constantly trying to improve. Not for others, but for ourselves.

Whatever it is, instead of focusing too much on our flaws, we should also be thankful to God for the gifts that we have… like my smile (Sempat kau selitkan, Juli). Hehehe… And I have to keep trying to remind myself that.

May Allah provide you with all the happiness in life. =)

Pesanan Untuk Orang Cantik (only in Malay. Sorry, heh.)


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