A Ball of Bollywood Day!

Replying to Zak’s comment, thanks girl, I did have a ball of the day! =D

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was gooooooooood! *Count the ‘o’s, I gave it ten/ten. Haha.* Though the storyline was kind of draggy in the beginning, but I was a very happy girl after the movie (despite losing two-to-nothing in arcade racing to Tok prior to the movie).

I cried a few times during the movie. But the thing was that when I did cry, none of the scenes  were sad. And I blame it on Shah Rukh Khan. His tears were dwelling and rolled down his cheeks – and that made me break into tears too. But yes, it was not even a sad scene. I was just feeling the pain of his character. Unknown to Tok (I think), I kesat some of my tears on his shirt. Oops. Haha. Jangan marah eh…. =P

But when the leading actress cried, there was no effect on me. None. Zilch. I cannot see Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan cry – I will cry along.  I am such a sap. Tsk.

After the movie, followed by my company’s bbq chalet at East Coast. Siti picked me and Tok up first and then dropped Tok at his lepak place and off we went to East Coast!!!!

We stayed there for quite long, considering that we wanted to leave early, plus we needed to walk to the bus stop – pukul brapa mahu sampai rumah beb? And on the way home, I made Siti cry. I am such a bad friend. =(

Nasib baik I bawak tisu tau. Haha.

And we reached home at around 11-ish pm My goodness, it has been a long time since I went home that late, so my system just went ZzzzZzzZZ right after I settled my barang-barang in about………. half an hour after I reached home.

Maybe the whole day was not so Bollywood, but it was still a ball of a day! And it is my honor (exciting nyer!) to end this entry with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’s movie trailer…. =D I am still all smiles about the movie after a day. Lol. Dah sewel aku agaknyer.


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