Selamat Siang Mbak…

Hoho… After SEVEN days of counting down, the day finally arrived when we all woke up at 7am (the latest) on a Saturday morning and headed to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal for our much-awaited BATAM TRIP!

One word: FUN. Repeat it three times – FUN FUN FUN! But two days were just not satisfying enough. We are planning for another trip next month. Heeeh. Perhaps with more people joining the already kecoh group…

Ironically enough, the only thing from Batam that has stuck in my memory bank is the hotel staff in YELLOW. Yesterday when I was in the train, I saw a man wearing a yellow collared shirt – sigh, I miss Batam already. The beach, the food, the A&W… yes, the A&W…

Hur hur…

So now I am counting down to the girls’ so-called ‘Xmas’ gathering, because it just so happens that tomorrow is Christmas Eve andmost of the girls are on half day. So woooohoooo!!!! Full strength + kecoh = I leave it to your imagination.


Oh ya, some of the pictures are already in Facebook. But there are lots more from Siti and Zari – cepatlah makcik2!!


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