I am hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t eaten anything much for the whole day, except this egg sandwich that my brother made for me for breakfast, a cheese sandwich at around 5pm plus, and two of those fishball-shaped keropok bought from Batam. Two cups of Lipton Yummy Milk-Tea.

I feel so tortured.

When in fact, there ARE food stored in the the refrigerator, but I am just being super picky… hmm, what’s new? I like fresh food!!!! Or freshly cooked! I tell you, when I am married and have our own house, I will never let my husband eat three days old food! I will try as much as possible not to keep leftovers in the fridge. So that means I have to cook a bit only la. Unless my husband eats alot.

Ok, that was random. Anyway, I have decided. Shall fry an egg and make myself an egg sandwich… Or should I cook maggi with nice mushroom toppings and other ridiculous but delicious toppings?

Maggi it is. *chants ‘Mee maggi, cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan!’*


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