As we are about to usher in the new Islamic year (not yet, because it is 6.18pm as I am typing this), it is an excellent opportunity to reflect on our deeds since 10th January 2008.

As for me, there are definitely a lot of things I want to change. Mentally and spiritually. I will leave the physically portion to Year 2009 Resolution. Heh. What are these mentally and spiritually changes? They are between me and God.

There are definitely so many mistakes that we have done, but we find it so hard to avoid it again. Perhaps it is time to put in additional additional additional (I would copy and paste that word 97 more times, but I have much better things to do and I think you get my drift. Hah.) effort to completely erase it from our ‘system’.

Many things have happened since 10th January – the good and the bad. I met Tok then, got to be a projects assistant in July, withdrew from school in September, got a job offer in October, received good news from my closest ones, made so many promises and breaking most of them… and the list goes on.

I have learned a lot, as I am sure most of you have too, and hopefully have made me a better person… If not, I apologise, and Iwill do my best to improve.

So to all my Muslim friends, if you haven’t done it yet, let’s use the the time we have now to reflect our deeds and think how to imrpve ourselves, and most importantly, when do we act on them.

May we become better Muslims and receive guidance from Him always… InsyaAllah. =)


One thought on “Reflection

  1. *blowing dust away*

    fuuh. dah lama tak jejak blog kak juli hehe.

    yes yes it’s ur one and only (i think) mahirah!

    hehe, I pray that you and your family and friends semua will gain stronger iman this year 😀

    take care kak!

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