Happy 2009

Happy New Year to all!

While I woke up too late to hear those bells ringing at 12pm on the dot, to my surprise, my mum was not upset at the fact that I woke up at 1pm. Khekhekhe.

Anyway, some may have already stored their 2009 resolutions in their memory banks, or listed them down in their diaries/blogs, or still in the midst of creating resolutions, or the rest simple can’t be bothered at all. As for me, I was contemplating whether I should make my goals as my 2009 resolutions… because I am not sure whether I can accomplish them this year.

Then, I stumbled upon an article relating to new year resolutions. Two articles in fact. One says making new year resolutions can be unhealthy to people, because when you don’t achieve it, you will end up disappointing yourself. Plus resolutions are often revolved around physical matters, such as losing weight, change your image, etc. The other article says, by all means, go create your resolutions, but NOT MORE THAN THREE, otherwise you would be deemed as ‘too ambitious’.

I do have to agree with parts of the contents written in both articles, but that doesn’t mean I truly believe in either articles or both.

So we’ll see, no rush.

So anyway, yesterday I went out to meet the girls and guys for our New Year’s Eve gathering. The theme was ‘Traffic Light’, well, at least for the girls – so it was either red, orange/amber or green. And I ended up being the only orange. It was fun, especially when it was full strength (for the girls) and some guys and UNO. But Tok couldn’t join us due to work, otherwise Siti would have voluntarily jumped into the sea. Haha. Poor makcik Sito – got bullied by one, two, three guys.

But yeah, it was fun, and I got to watch the fireworks… from the television. Heh.

So goodbye, 2008. So many experiences gained and lessons learnt during the past year. So may ups and downs that we encountered. I am sure we will look back at these memories every once in a while, putting smiles on our faces, sharing laughter with family and friends, or to learn and prevent the same mistakes committed.

And hello 2009. May this year be a better year for all of us and take the opportunities that come our way to reach our dreams and goals or just to have more fun and live life.

Happy 2009 to all. =)


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