Au Revoir

I just returned from my niece’s birthday bash at Aloha Loyang… and it was great to see the little ones running around, catching up with the cousins and aunt while enjoying the breeze and not forgetting the delicious food. Especially the sinful brownie. Yummmmm.

Anyway, I am aware that Ihave smart cousins, a few of which had appeared in newspaper articles before… And today I got to catch up with another of my smart cousin.

He’s so smart, I heard he always scores aces in his studies.
He’s so smart, he has a wide vocabulary bank.
He’s so smart, that I think he doesn’t care what others think.
He’s so smart, he can speak FRENCH.

Me: Thank you!
Cousin: Merci.
Me: Eh… Oh ya! Merci! Merci! It’s the name of the chocolate!

(Then as I was leaving…)
Me: Hey! Bonjour!
Cousin: Au revoir!

Lol. I so want to be as smart as him. But maybe not in French. Other language? Like… Malay? Haha.

Tisbah ‘alal khair, ilalliqa’!


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