Mind Our Business

Making friends with your colleagues and becoming colleagues with your friend(s) is really two different things. I learned about this when I got the opportunity to work with Siti at our current workplace.

Lucky for us, we have managed to draw a clear line between behaving crazy (as friends) and behaving professionally (as working colleagues). And MSN has made it easier for us, despite the occasionally sudden roar of laughter by ourselves…. which leaves our other colleagues giving us weird looks, as if something had possessed us. Haha.

Ok, just picture this –

In the office, Siti sits BEHIND me. Not directly behind me, it’s like this:

For work-related matters – we will communicate verbally to each other.
For random and crazy stuffs – we will leave messages to each other in MSN. We even plan about what to have for lunch via MSN. We always try our best to control our laughter, but sometimes things get outrageously hilarious that we have to let it out.

Anyway, my relationship with Siti – juggling with friendship and working relationship – made me realize that it is fun to work with a good friend. I mean, to be working with someone who is already your friend, someone you already know well.

About a week ago, the two of us talked about it over lunch and somehow an idea popped up that we can gather the whole group of friends and start a business. Afterall, it’s not that difficult to start a small business. The only problem was that, we were cracking our brains on what business to do.


Maybe we don’t have any business idea for now… But who knows, in future maybe (I suggested decorating services)? But one thing for sure, that I consider myself lucky to be working in the current environment, working with one of my good friends. Things like these are hard to come by.

Blessed. =)


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