The Big Bang Theory

Will anybody enlighten me on the Big Bang Theory, if it’s not too much to ask for…?

I stumbled upon this article (sorry, it’s in Malay), which triggered me to google up on the Big Bang Theory (this one’s in English).

Too chim for me to understand leh. But my inquisitive side is pestering me to understand this thing. Or… is there no other way to explain it?

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Photo taken from

One thought on “The Big Bang Theory

  1. hey! i have a book entitled “Al-Quran & Sains Moden” and in one of the chapters, the author discussed Bgi Bang Theory with regards to Al-Quran scriptures.

    Anw, Big Bang Theory was hypothesised by Einstein. To put it in the most simplest form, Big Bang Theory states that the Universe came about when 2 atom particles collide under immense heat and pressure… and BANG! There’s the Earth!!!

    there’s of course more insights to this theory, but i never bother to read about them, because it would meleret panjang2… the most interesting part was how some school of church strongly disagree to this theory…

    happy googling 😀

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