Wani with her Mamat Golok

I just had a crazy MSN conversation with one of my SPIB mates earlier. I guess she was getting tired of getting scolded by her relatives for exploring Malaysia (don’t know which state) alone – for fear of getting sold to Golok, haha.

Anyway, I was telling her about my client’s place where I was currently at when I was MSN-ing with her. The thing about my client’s place is that it is situated at a former police station. While the place is pretty spacious, the toilet is quite creepy.

Me: You nak tau, I dari tadi tahan nak pergi toilet, sebab toilet kat tempat client I ni seram seh.
Wani: Suruh la orang temankan…
Me: Hari ni, dorang nye female colleague on leave, then dua staff, dua-dua lelaki, mane boleh temankan…
Wani: You nak buat kerja giler tak?
Me: Hah?
Wani: You bawak handphone you, bila masuk toilet main lagu nasyid kuat2. Hantu dengar pun takot. Hahahahahahaha…
Me: Giler la you ni!
Wani: Itu bukan kerja giler lagik, itu dah kerja bodoh!


Anyway, obviously that’s not the conversation verbatim… I don’t save my MSN conversations. Heh.


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