Post-Icecream Illness

SO, after I got to satisfy my ice cream craving yesterday evening, my fever and flu came back to attack me today, without mercy this time (because Monday’s one was not as bad as today’s).

I was in the train reading my latest purchase – Reader’s Digest – while listening to songs from the handphone, at the same time blowing my nose and holding uncountable number of tissue papers crumpled in my left hand… when the train stopped at Tanjong Pagar and I decided to keep my book.

After I kept it and looked up, my eyes were greeted with this:

“HOW FAR CAN THE FLU BUG GO?” Hmm. Coincidence?

Nevertheless, luckily today I equipped myself with medicine that the clinic gave me on Monday (funny enough, I didn’t ask the doctor for medicine for running nose – partly my fault actually), plus a shawl (just in case it gets unusually cold in the office).

I just hope I don’t pass this virus to Mighty Joyah. =S


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