A Quick Pick-Me Up

I just caught myself day-dreaming a few minutes ago, and before I continue the useless activity (not too mention what kind of trouble I’d get into with my superior), I decided to blog about something while warming my brain up – before I get on with some serious business. Which of course, I am talking about my work.

Anyway, Joyah is flying off to Phuket on Wednesday, and I’m feeling bitter about it because she didn’t tag me along. *pouts*

No, actually I know I’ll miss her loads for various reasons
– disturbing her via MSN while working
– disturbing her in person
– I don’t have her to complain to when I am scheduled to be at my ‘most favourite’ client’s place this Wednesday

*Cries* So I’m making the best out of the remaining time I have to irritate her like crazy… but instead, I found myself daydreaming.

I tell myself, It’s okay, MY holiday will come. Soon. Maybe after this GST month has passed. Question is: Nak pergi mane eh?

Ok, I better get back to work now.


15 thoughts on “A Quick Pick-Me Up

    • kalo pasir ris park, bila2 masa boleh pergi! apedah makcik niiii. with that, NOBODY is to bring up the topic of the KHEMAH ok! =P

  1. u will get pay cut! blogging for working hor!

    anyway, like i have told u that time, just click on my msn nick and complain whatever u want to complain and who knows if there’s somebody reply u back. wahahaha

    • sape lah yang akan reply…. is it HAMMMMMMMM**? Hehehehhehe. I hope HAMMMMMM breaks into that jiwang song that I ‘sang’ to you in MSN. Lol. “Jangan diucap selamat tinggal..”

    • alamak, i terlupa ah mcm mane nk main game hamburger tu… haha. is it something like scissors paper stone?

  2. no lah,its like ping pong chek…hahaha…omg…tats so old game lah..hahaha…
    hamburger hamburger ham ham ham…atau pun u noe the card game?yang old maid tu?kita combine tu dua game ah…hahahahahaha..omg i cant stop laughing..hahaha

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