For many reasons…

… I feel some extent of regret. So many books on the table, I knew I was supposed to read them. But I left them lying there collecting dust. Now, I know if I had read them, I could have become someone I am not today.

Even now, when I want to make amends, I am contemplating.

Contemplating? That shouldn’t even happen in the first place. But it is because I know some people will hurt if I decided to make this change.

Heeeeeeeeeeere we go again… about the topic of this change that has so far… not happened. And now, I feel deprived and rather empty… spiritually.

O Seeker, what a fool you are,
Why have you been looking for some door ajar?

Come to me and sit near,
Close your eyes and wipe your tears,
Look deep down inside your worries,
For in your heart there is the light,
Your Lord isn’t the one, who deprives.

You have your faith, you know what you crave,
Your words of shame, your repentances are enough,
To make me trust you and take you ahead.

Listen to what I tell and absorb the benefit.
The one who has Aql,
Would definitely derive,
When shunning the evil,
And restraining from their desire.

They would have no time to dance and celebrate,
But would wait for the day when they’ll gaze,
Upon their Lord their eyes will be fixed,
And all they did will yield this reward,
For just this one moment for life will suffice,
Their need for love, their urge for desire,
The definition will change, forever they’ll live,
Under the glory of that day,
They’ll than celebrate their victory.

Which can’t be perceived by O Seeker you and I,
We are the lesser beings,
In front of those who spent their nights,
In remembrance, in prostration, in vigil they survived,
For it was as if they had no other fear,
But to be looked down upon by
To attain whose nearness they always cried.

With every new day, and every sun rise,
Their Iman would flourish and their souls would arise.
They longed for no gold, no silver, no wealth,
And the words of His messenger (sw) sufficed.

Why don’t you see how they used to love me,
Their hearts expanded with no pride,
But only when they were praised and would see,
Their love and ibadah making their LORD happy.

For now you know why humans like you,
Are so far from what they used to be.

Why I tell you this story O insaan,
For you should recognize your deficiencies.
The one in pain, the one in sorrow,
The one who is gay, the one who doesn’t care about tomorrow,
It’s everywhere; YOUR Lord’s mercy.

Now open your heart and look inside,
You’ll find HIS noor, HIS love and care,
You were meant to search and look for it there.
For the beating of your heart was always a sign,
That you can’t fail, if you benefit from your time.
For the seed is there, but to be nourished it calls,
To leave it untouched would be your crime.
So trust my Friend there is only MERCY,
For you if you listen to me.

In Dhikr O’ seeker you’ll find peace,
It’ll guide you there,
And take you to the road,
On which you were originally meant to be,
Remember O Dear, be steadfast in your faith,
In your love and hope, awe and in your fear,
For you looked in the corners, you looked in the rooms,
But Allah is near to only those,
The one who seeks and whose intentions are sincere.

The Day will come when you will reach,
Your final destination, your destiny.
For each it might differ, the end won’t be the same.
But if you mould your traits to meet your fate,
You will be rewarded for your moderation in every phase.

It isn’t our Deen which tells you to die,
It tells you to live and for Allah you survive.
For the Fitra was something Allah gave all of you.
So why not purify it and recognize what you lack,
And hold the hand of the ones,
The ones who can guide you back,
To that one path,
On which you were originally meant to be …



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